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If you’ve ever tried fortune-telling or tarot cards, you know that you get what you pay for.  While you might be intimidated at first, you’ll soon grow to love the process and feel more comfortable.   Then, when you choose a professional tarot consultant, like me, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible reading.

I will look at the cards but can also dig into your life.  If you’re unsure about something, you can ask me about your career, love life, family, and relationships.  You can also share any conflicting feelings or misunderstandings that may have occurred in the past. Furthermore, I can explore how to handle these situations and move forward from them.

In addition to accuracy, you’ll have more insight into your situation after the consultation. Having a tarot consultation is a great way to understand yourself better.  The tarot is about self-discovery, so you’ll want to clear away distractions to get the best insight.  It is essential to live your best life, so let’s get started. 


I Am Sharon Downie,
An Experienced Tarot Consultant, A Spiritual Life Coach, and A Law-of-Attraction Life Coach Based In South Carolina.

My passion is Tarot, and I am committed to helping clients live their best life.  No one should carry worry and anxiety on their shoulders.  Tarot can help you reach your Higher Self to overcome blockages and live a more peaceful, balanced life.  Have a decision to make?  Tarot can look at your options.  Want to live your dreams, check out my coaching programs.


I have more than 35 years in the metaphysical arts.  I invite you to take action and book a session with me.


"I Coach and read tarot to help people attain their greatness."

Sharon Downe
My Programs

Face-To-Face & Virtual Consultations plus Coaching Programs

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Why Work With Me

Over 35 Years Of Experience

Using my experience and intuitive abilities, I channel wisdom from my spirit guides and ascendant masters through the medium of Tarot and Oracle cards, plus enlist my education in the coaching field.

Qualified & Certificated

Not only am I an experienced Tarot Card Reader and Law-of-Attraction Coach, but I also have my Spiritual Life Coach Certification.


* Compassionate
* Non-judgmental
* Focused
* Effective

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