January 25, 2022

How to Avoid Negative Energy

When attracting positive energy, you need to know what to avoid.  Unfortunately, a person with negative energy will usually surround themselves with just as damaging people.  Such people live in a fantasy world where they can blame others for everything, so they lack the courage to look within themselves.  This kind of energy attracts people who will always be negative.  It’s a bad thing because the opposite side of a negative person will always be positive.

If you feel that someone negatively affects your life, there are ways to counteract it.  Negative people find fault with everything, including themselves.  They do this to demonstrate their negativity and attract other people who will share that attitude.  If they see a flaw in you, they will naturally express it in actions, which is negative energy.  It’s the same for empaths.  These people feel everyone else’s pain, and they think that their happiness will bring bad things.

To avoid negative energy, you need to know the source of it.  It can come from the inside or the outside, and it can cause pain, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of creativity, fears, and restlessness.  This type of energy will not only put you in the wrong place, but it will also attract more negativity to you.  To identify the source of negative energy, try to observe yourself in silence.  Notice what you’re saying to yourself and what you’re saying.  If you have an inner chatter, you’re likely talking to yourself.  This can lead to a downward spiral, as you’ll feel more resentful of yourself than you already are.

I will be addressing other ways to combat negative energy and raise your vibrations in future articles.  You must lead your best life.



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